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 Welcome to Therapeutic Bodywork of San Antonio. This company was established to assist individuals in need of overall wellness in addition to help athletes so they can perform at their maximum, prevent injuries and shorten healing time. This is in conjunction with training and nutrition programs using modalities such as Sports, Deep Tissue, Neuro Muscular and Physical Training.

The treatments used by Therapists at Therapeautic Bodyworks of San Antonio have helped a United States Olympian, triathletes, marathon runners, High School Football, athletes and MMA/ Martial artist.


To provide a personalized therapeutic plan through the use of Sports Bodywork, Deep Tissue, Neuro Muscular and Physical Training modalities to help prevent injuries, reduce healing time, and overall individual wellness.


Sports Bodywork: is a program designed to target an athletes specific muscle group to prevent injury, reduce healing time, or help with overall wellness. Using modalities such as deep tissue, neuro muscular, stretching, and contrast therapy.

Deep Tissue: works by releasing tension on a muscle group from starting superficial to deep by applying pressure.

Neuro Muscular: sometimes known as "trigger point", uses pressure on a specific point on a muscle to turn the spasm off. Its like a light switch on the muscle to turn out the lights!!

Contrast Therapy: uses heat and cold therapy to release the muscle. This is awesome to release tension in joints such as knees and shoulders without being very abrasive.

Physical training involves helping people with the 7 primal movements: Squat, Lunge, Bend, Push, Pull, Twist, and Gait. It is an individual program using Kettlebells, Calisthenics, Martial Arts, and HIIT. It is all individual. You can be a strength athlete to a client bettering their health.

"There are two pains of life. The pain of REGRET, and the pain of SUCCESS. The pain of Regret last a life time. The pain of success goes away with a taste of VICTORY!" Zevensh

****There is no bodywork done without filling out the Client Information Form. It is a legal document that needs to be signed before any therapy is provided. Thank you for your understanding.****


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